Monday , December 18th 2017
    Find the best golf training aids and training equipment to improve your handicap

Putting mats to improve your scores

Putting mats to improve your scores

Nothing can be more painful to golfers than to watch the golf ball go past the hole when they think it’s going to go in. It seemed as if you just couldn’t miss, but a series of missed putts took care of that. It’s humiliating, and the agony that golfers feel from seeing an eagle turn into par, to a bogie and then to nothing, has to be seen to be believed. Good putting is all being in control and having a steady eye, and that comes only with practice. But where’s the time to go to a golf course to improve your putts?


Not to worry, Putting mats are just as good and a great way to get your game together. The huge advantage is that these indoor mats allow you to play at home, at office at the time of your choice. That means you can get steady practice in everyday, whenever you just feel like letting of a little steam or you’re feeling down and out. The best part is that you can practice all your strokes on a surface that’s almost as good as the green course- come rain or cold.


  1. The Elite Golf Putting Mat with Flag – 85$



This has a non-skid backing and is a great alternative to the actual golf greens. It simulates the experience of being out on the golf course and practicing your putting skills on it is almost like the real thing.

Product Features

  • easy to set up- indoors or outdoors
  • Its 18” x 8 ft. curled poly-fibers surface makes you feel as if you’re playing on the real surface
  • adapts to left handed and right-handed players
  • practice anytime, anywhere without being bothered


  1. FANMATS NFL Denver Broncos Nylon Face – 43$



If you want to become a pro then this one’s just right. It has a very realistic surface that simulates the effect of actually being on the green.


  • Product features
  • has a 100 percent nylon face
  • the packing includes a backstop/target barrier
  • vinyl backing ensures that mat doesn’t move along with you
  • ideal for the short game
  • can be used as a runner when not in use


  1. Professional Synthetic Turf – 258$



Want to get the feeling of playing on a professional golf course- try this synthetic putting mat made of Single Color Yarn Roll Width that mirrors the green golf turf. It is said to be extremely durable and can weather changing climates. You won’t have to change your mat for over 8 years- regardless of whether you use it outdoors or indoors. It is light and rolls out flat and gives golfers a golf course level performance.


Product features

  • 6×15 feet of putting green with optional challenging holes- 4 precut ones
  • single color throughout and non-directional
  • tough and durable
  • can be used indoors and outdoors and rolls 10-11 on the stimp
  • good for 10 years


  1. JEF World of Golf Hazard Deluxe Indoor Putting – 30$


This is a great product for golfers that need practice. The hazards make it more realistic- a small water hazard and a bunker will help improve putting skills. To cap it all, it has a ball return channel and the ball comes back to you after every putt. It has an inclined ramp that helps players firm up their strokes.


  • Made of durable material and has a regulation sized cup
  • can be used anywhere, anytime
  • non-directional surface offers accurate practice
  • offers an incredible experience


  1. StarPro Pro-Am 5-Hole – 109$


Two- in-one putting mat- Ideal for a family game and extremely useful for getting putting practice. Rated as one of the best golf putting mats currently in vogue. It features 5 holes and is kidney shaped- this maximizes the putting area. All the holes have plugs so you can practice using one or all five holes at the same time.


Product features

  • no unnatural platforms or ramp folds
  • extremely challenging
  • UV-resistant surface ensures that it doesn’t fade with time
  • allows 4 people to practice simultaneously
  • 6ftx12ft ensures lot of playing space


  1. Big Moss Augusta – 288$



Measuring 4ft x 12ft this is an incredible indoor putting mat. With realistic true roll down grain, it mimics the greens to a T. As it’s wider near the holes, the chances of the balls rolling off is minimized.


Product features

  • easy to set up and highly portable
  • can be assembled easily without any tools
  • efficient and includes brake snakes


  1. Sklz Accelerator Pro – 40$



If you want to improve your backswing and accelerate the putter head, then this one’s for you. This is made possible by graphic markings on the mat that indicate how long the backswing has to be to get the needed acceleration. The putting mat is thick, is non-skid and is great for indoor use.


Product features

  • It’s 9 ft. x 16.25ft, easy to set up and portable
  • edges are durable
  • ball return facility
  • rolls out flat


  1. The ProAdvanced ProInfinity – 110$



This one’s very similar to the local course and encourages improvement of skills. Simulates four different speeds, has a movable silicone cup and creates course breaks using foam wedges.


Product features

  • Can be rolled up easily
  • always lays flat in spite of being rolled up
  • indicates the path the ball takes
  • comes with a handy training book

Of course, there are many more great and versatile putting mats on which you can practice and become a pro.