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Improving the game is the number one objetive for ambitious Golfers. I joined this club 9 years ago and at some point decided to build my own site around it. Here you go, this is it ! Be it putting tips, tips on your swing sequence or reviews for equipment – you will find everything here ! Today, I am a scratch Golfer and enjoy a great game of Golf, but enjoy continuous improvement even more. I love Golf ! That’s why I am personally dedicated to promoting great Golf Training Aids.

This page focuses on all Golf Training Aids that can hugely improve your game. And it focuses on where to get these Aids for the best price.

But this is not only a shop, it is also a go-to point to get great tips for your game. We’re frequently rotating the topic of this first page so you can always get the best and latest input.

This time : Putting Tips

Let’s start with some awesome putting fails which you might want to avoid with the following putting tips


Putting tips #1 – The Grip !

Every Golfer is different – that’s what we learn. But there are certain fundamentals of what make a great putting grip.

It should be

  • Promote no movement of the Hands
  • Guide the Putter firmly on it’s desired path
  • Give stabiliy during impact
  • Be repeatable and not wear out the Golfer

There are some great putting tips out there on YouTube and this is my go-to video whenever I’m struggling with my Grip

Now that you got your grip fixed – let’s move on to the next chapter.


Putting tips #2 – The Posture!

Most pro Golfers have a pretty similar posture. That’s awkward, because you know that there are great differences in how Pros set up for a swing, but there seems to be a general recipe how to set up for a solid put


Putting Tips

Rory McIlroy

Putting Tips


The Cookbook for a great putting posture

  1. Your eyes should be over the ball
  2. Know your dominant eye ! (check out here how to figure out which is your dominant eye!)
  3. Your feet should be a shoulder width or slightly less apart
  4. Your back should be straight, but don’t desperately try to make it straight, as keeping your eyes over the ball will promote your neck forming a curve anyhow. Most Pros keep it somewhere between 120-145°
  5. Your arms should hang from the body in a relaxed fashion
  6. Your elbows shouldn’t be straight, but slightly bowed

Chek out Meandmygolf for some video advice


Putting tips #3 – The Speed!

This is a hard one, and it wasn’t until I got my putting speed right that I personally was able to go down to being a scratch Golf player.

People have very different ways of figuring this out. Some people put incredible pace on the ball, which then straightens out the path of the ball on curved surfaces. I personally prefer to stop the ball within a few inches after the hole and have a more bent ball path.

You see, different paths, different speeds ! Whatever you choose, you must find your personal own putting metronome!


For me, the mantra is “one potatoe, two potatoe”. My routine is like this

  • Make three practice puts
  • As you go back you mumble to yourself “one potatoe”, and at the end of the mantra the backswing is done
  • At “two potatoe” the forward swing is done
  • The first is going to be way too hard – intentionally, but do the mantra
  • The second is going to be way too slow – again, do the mantra
  • The third is going to be just right – do the mantra

Now all you have to do is go to the ball and repeat that “just right” swing, while having both visual reference (the distance you take your putter back) and audio reference with the mantra – both will form an anchor to your put.

Again, this is my recipe for an average of 1,4 puts per hole. You might do it completely different. Here’s some general advice


You might think now : what about the aiming ?

Well, that will take a whole post just by itself to talk about – so please check here!

Now, how do you practice when you’re not on the putting green ? The great thing about putting is that it can be easily practiced at home. We have some of the greatest putting mats that are available today in our store. Check out our review on the best ones here : Putting mats to improve your scores

But a great alternative can also be a training putter – even though seldolmy seen, it is a hot tip ! Check out our review


Happy Putting !