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    Find the best golf training aids and training equipment to improve your handicap

Improve your Putting with these training putters

Improve your Putting with these training putters

In the game of golf, training is a very important aspect, which needs focus. The training putters use a variety of aids to teach the art of golf playing. A putter in simple terms is a club that is aimed at hitting a golf ball in relatively short and low-speed strokes, with the purpose of rolling the ball into the hole but from a short distance. The basic intention behind designing the putter should be to provide technical advantage combined with good glide, smooth stroke, nice impact and bounce-less topspin launch of the ball. Moreover, all technical advantage should also include perfect fit in terms of shaft angle and length. From beginners to expert, golfers use training putters to improve on their putting skills. Some of the best training putters are listed below:

  1. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer – Perfect Your Golf Putting – 30$

Product Description

Designed to improve on aim and speed, the PuttOut is a scientifically created target, which rejects bad putt and gives back good ones. The parabolic curve helps in getting immediate feedback on the good putts, rejected putts, and the perfect putt. A perfect putting partner to practice and improve your skills, anytime. The 40% of all shots played on the golf course are made with the Putter- train with the PuttOut to lower the number of putts which will result in dramatic improvement of scores.

Product Features

1) The training aid is created to prompt the exact conditions of putting, into a real hole on the green with the help of its parabolic curved design.

2) Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed – great feedback for getting the pace just right.

3) Made to give back good putts and dismiss bad ones

4) The product is created from high quality, elastomer, and translucent polycarbonate and is collapsible to fit in your golf bag.

5) Build repetition into your practice to improve your pace putting and to practice pressure putting.



2. Crestgolf Golf Putter Plane Laser Sight Golf Training Aid—Fix Your Putt in Seconds – 42$


Product description

Made to cater to both left and right-hand golfers, the Crestgolf can combine with all golf putters very easily. The device provides a laser guideline during your putt so that you can check your putting plane and correct your putt in few seconds.

Product Features

1) Ideal for both left and right-hand golfers.

2) Simple to link with any golf putter.

3) Gives a laser guideline during your putt to check your putting plane.

4) Can correct your puts in few seconds.

5) Instructions: INT (automatic model) —turn to INT model and press the pink button, the laser will last 10 seconds and then power off automatically; CON (continuous model) —turn to CON model and press the pink button, the laser will last about 35-40 minutes, then the voltage will decrease, laser will also become weak, close it for 1 hour, all will be normal again, but we suggest that don’t use CON model except adjusting the angle



3. HMX Golf Putter Training Aid—To Fix Wrist – 34$


Product Description

The ABS Construction device is created to minimize hand and wrist movement, and thereby improve on smooth pendulum stroke. It is directed to prevent using the power of wrist when putting, and utilize the power of turning a shoulder to make a putting. It is also used to keep the hands, arms, wrist lock as T-shaped stroke. Furthermore, it leads to the realization of SCREEN DOCR SPRCKE Putting.

Product Features

1) ABS Construction brand new spectacular training aid.

2) Lowers hand and wrist movement and refine on smooth pendulum stroke.

3) Arrest using the power of wrist when putting, and utilize the power of turning a shoulder to create a Putting.

4) To Keep Hands- Arms- Wrist Lock As T-Shaped Stroke

5) To acknowledge SCREEN DOCR SPRCKE Putting


Plastic Putting Cup

Plastic Putting

Improves putting accuracy Features positive retention system that holds on-line putts while rejecting gimmies Official size holeGolf Training…

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