Monday , December 18th 2017
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Hitting Mats that will take any hit !

Hitting Mats that will take any hit !

Golf is one those games which are liked by many. It is a game which may seem easy to play but cannot be played perfectly by many. It is played on a huge course which has many holes in which the players have to target and hit the ball into one of them. However, golf can also be played on hitting mats if one doesn’t have to course or is unable to go to course every time.

A hitting mat is used to get the most genuine and natural feel of the game while playing on an artificial surface. It is a green colored mat which is made similar in feel to the grass and the ground. It is an investment which has to be made in order to practice golf at home. There are several options available in the market. But, not all those options are up to the mark. It needs a lot of effort to choose the best hitting mat to not ruin your practice session.

It is completely understandable that choosing one mat from the many available online can be tough. So, here we are going to talk about the few mats which have the best quality.

These are one of the finest quality mats available in the market. These are used by many popular academies like Annika’s academy at Reunion, Mike Bender’s Golf Academy, FL and many more. The good news is that these are available to the golfing public in consumer as well as commercial sizes. These have a very natural feel. The cost for these is around $300, but, they are totally worth it. The surface consists of ‘Long Fiber’ system which soaks up the club head and doesn’t resist it. The fiber system resists the bounce of the club head and it seems like you had taken a divot. The starting range for the real feel portable two-piece mats is $177 and they come in different sizes as per the needs of the customers. Another best part of these mats is that these are very sturdy. Many customers have sworn on its sturdiness. These are heavy duty mats and are very durable. It really doesn’t matter how roughly you use them. The third very practical feature is that the real feel can accept a real golf tee. The Real Feel makes it easy for you to push a real tee anywhere in the mat in order to increase the height. This is an excellent quality available at a pretty affordable price.



This mat addresses the problem of poor shot feedback perfectly given its ‘sliding turf’ mechanism. This amazing mat has the capability of mimicking the real turf’s forward motion and thus gives way to the force of the club head. This is the mat which enhances your practice session and makes it more productive by adding more realism. Moreover, this relaxes your body by imparting less stress to it. Due to this, there are less chances of having an injury. The price range starts from $150. It is a premium product made from quality materials like premium turf and German manufactured stainless steel springs. Additionally, it is a very durable product despite its complex nature.

This mat measures 23’ by 17’. It features two flip panels. One panel is used for storing the ball whereas the other one is used to hold the mat in place firmly. For holding the mat we need to slide it under a ‘stance’ mat, which, unfortunately has to be bought separately. This, as per many reviewers is ones of its drawbacks as it is an added expense. However, if you would use it only at the driving range, then just this mat can be used. But, if you wish to use it for home practice, then a combo of this mat and the stance mat has to be bought from FairPro for $219.95. After use it can be folded and carried like a mini suitcase.

Overall, this appears to be another good quality mat which can improve your shot feedback.


This is one of the smallest yet a sturdy mat available in the market. It comes in the size of 8” * 16” and is very portable. Its best feature is the tough rubber underside which doesn’t let the mat slide around in any situation. Although, Callaway has made this mat keeping in mind the beginners, its Launch Zone seems very intimidating and small for inept and new players. One of its major cons as reported by many users is that it emits a rubbery odor. This can be a big problem if you plan to use it indoors. However, if you plan to use it in the garage or in the yard, it isn’t a problem at all. This mat has got a tee holder and also a hole at the front which you can use to fix it with a nail or screw at some place. The price of this mat is just $25 making it the best value mat available in the entire market.


This mat is an excellent choice for a beginner golfer. It is a combo of swing practice mat and tee and can be carried and used perfectly at the driving range. It is made of nylon turf. It has a rubber base which doesn’t let the mat slide around. It also has synthetic grass giving a natural feel. It comes in the size of 12” * 24”. Its price is around $17-$18. The only drawback of this mat which few users have faced is that it has a bouncy feel. However, the overall reviews deny this drawback. It is again an excellent choice for people who want to play golf and can’t afford to spend a lot on the mat.



This is another brilliant quality made up of excellent quality materials. It is made of 100% spring crimped nylon material. The best part of this mat is that it will allow you to hit down on the ball. It also accepts wooden tee which lets you choose different clubs you wish to hit at different heights. They are unlike rubber tees which obstruct your club at impact. The dense fiber of this mat allows you to feel the difference on the fat shot. It slows the club head speed if you go too deep and thus, resulting in a fat shot. The thickness of this mat is 1.250” and its size is 3” * 5”. Moreover, it is very easy on your wrists and elbows and doesn’t put much stress on them.


If you are a golf lover or a pro player, go ahead with your golf hitting mat purchase. We have listed the few best mats for each and every budget. Buy one and enjoy the game!