Wednesday , August 15th 2018
    Find the best golf training aids and training equipment to improve your handicap

Dominant Eye : How to find it and improve your scores

It is a small cause, but a huge result : a lot of Golfers don't use their dominant eye when putting. In fact, most Golfers set up over the ball when putting and just look at the front edge of the ball. The truth is this is corrupted! Read more

Putting Tips : How to improve your putting Aim

One of the most frequently requested putting tips is : how do I find the right aim for my put ? There is no cookbook or recipe for this, but there is general advice everybody should know. Read more

Putting mats to improve your scores

Nothing can be more painful to golfers than to watch the golf ball go past the hole when they think it’s going to go in. It seemed as if you just couldn’t miss, but a series of missed putts took care of that. It’s humiliating, and the agony that golfers feel from seeing a... Read more