Monday , December 18th 2017
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Best Golf Hitting Nets to practice your game at home

Best Golf Hitting Nets to practice your game at home

To master any game you need to put sufficient amount of practice hours. The same applies to golf. But golf courses are generally quite a distance from your home and travelling to them regularly is not possible. In such cases, having practice golf net comes handy. You can put up these nets in your backyard, garden, garage or even indoors. They are easy to put up and do not require much storage space once you have folded them back. This way you save time as well as money. The practice net comes in all price range from $50 to $500.

Here are some of the best practice nets of 2017 for you to choose from.

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net – 130$


Endorsed by golf coach Chris Haack, this golf net is suitable for golfers of types. A high quality net that is strong enough to take any kind of shot.

Technical details:

  • It has a 4-ply knotless netting that makes it quite strong
  • Can withstand high volume of balls
  • Has ball return feature that makes it easier to collect balls after each shot
  • Weight: 21.6 pounds
  • Size: 10X7X3 ft.


  • Made of top quality, sturdy material hence, durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Safety features like side wings
  • Collects balls at the bottom so they can be easily picked up
  • Perfect for any weather
  • Price is in the medium range
  • Includes a carry bag


  • The look of the net is quite simple


SKLZ Quickster Golf Net – 100$


One of the largest assembly nets, it helps golfers to practice all types of shots without having to go a golf course.

Technical details:

·       Has a two ply netting

·       Composite steel and fiberglass tension-tite frame

·       Adjustable and removable targets

·       Strong corner joints

·       Weight: 10.6 pounds

·       Size: 6X6 ft. and 8X8 ft.


·       Easy to set up

·       Comes with a carry bag

·       Durable and strong

·       Good for repetitive use

·       Lightweight

·       Can be set up indoors or outdoors


·       Does not have ball return technique

·       Quality is average



The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net – 595$


A high quality net made for serious golfers. Though on the higher price range, this net can be used for various other sports.

Technical details:

·       Has a 1.5 inch tubular aluminium frame

·       Heavyweight polyester netting

·       Guaranteed for 250,000 shots

·       Push button assembly

·       Weight: 28 pounds

·       Size: 7.6X8X3.6 ft.


·       High quality

·       Has automatic ball return technology

·       Can be used for other sports like soccer, baseball or football too

·       Easy assembly and storage

·       Comes with a duffle bag

·       Can be used indoors or outdoors

·       Long lasting

·       Light weight

·       Resistant to rust


·       A bit expensive



JFN Nylon Golf High Impact Net – 58$ –> 1000$


A net which can be custom ordered to fit your particular requirement of size. This is especially helpful if you have a small space to put the net.

Technical details:

·       ¾ inch square mesh

·       It is UV and weather treated, so you can keep it outside without any worry.

·       Has ¼ inch rope border

·       Spring clips at the corners

·       Size and weight as per customer requirement


·       Durable

·       Weather resistant

·       Can take any amount of stress


·       Does not have a ball return feature

·       Does not have a frame



RUKKNET: The Original Pop-Up Golf Net w/ Ball return – 145$


A simple, effective golf net which pops up like a tent and has an amazing ball return feature.

Technical details:

·       Has a knotless 4 ply ¾ inch inside netting

·       Uses a two net barrier system

·       Has a ball return feature

·       Made from double stitched heavy duty material

·       Carbon steel frame

·       Size: 10X7X5 ft.

·       Weight: 14 pounds


·       Easily popped up, no set up required

·       Can be used indoors or outdoors

·       Durable

·       Budget friendly

·       Light weight


·       Not very sophisticated